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Marketing Coordinator

Reno, San Diego, United States

We are looking for a Marketing Coordinator with a knack for operations, systems, and content to join the Karbon team. You will assist in some areas and own others, working with a great team to execute a broad strategy and play a significant role in driving our next phase of growth.

What is Karbon?

Karbon is the premium work management platform for the accounting industry and has become indispensable for firms around the world to support their team and navigate the sudden shift to remote work. Karbon brings planning, clients, work, and communication together in one place where it belongs, so even if the firm has to work remotely, they’re all together online.

Founded in San Francisco, we have grown into a globally distributed team with people in the Bay Area, Seattle, San Diego, Reno, Sydney, Melbourne, and Nelson, NZ. We are well-funded, have a fantastic team culture, are growing rapidly, and making a global impact. Learn more about us at

About this role

This role will help execute a broad marketing strategy covering a range of activities across content, social, events, webinars, advertising, product marketing, email marketing and more — you will be involved in some way in everything we do in marketing.

Primarily, you will be responsible for coordinating and facilitating the operational and administrative needs of the marketing team. This means being across all of the systems and apps we use to execute our marketing strategy, organizing project plans, managing events, coordinating guests for webinars and podcasts and more.

This is a role for someone who knows how to mix an idea with the initiative to make it a reality. Someone willing to do the research, put in the work, speak to the right people, and have the smarts to make it happen. Someone who is hungry to learn, grow, and develop their skills quickly.

Some of your main responsibilities will include:

  • Marketing automation: We use a wide range of apps and systems (in particular, Pardot and Salesforce) to execute our marketing strategy, and you’ll be across all of them, finding new ways to automate and improve the efficiency of our processes.
  • Webinar and podcast management: We run multiple webinars and podcast episodes every week - you will be responsible for planning, creating, promoting, coordinating guests, and following-up with each one.
  • Content marketing: Coordinating the content roadmap, working with a team of writers and designers, writing your own material, editing others’ work, publishing, distributing, and planning out the puzzle.
  • Event management: We have a busy calendar of events that need to be organized, planned and executed. Some events are Karbon-owned while others are sponsorship efforts that will require engaging with organizers.
  • Email marketing: From personalized drip and nurture campaigns to monthly newsletters, you’ll help us reach our potential customers through thoughtfully-crafted communication.
  • Social media management & coordination: You will assist in the publishing of content, as well as community engagement and follow-up.
  • Working with global teams: You will help execute campaigns across four different countries and time zones.
  • Lots of other activities across every area of the marketing mix — there won’t be many days that look the same.

About you

You’re the right person for this role if:

  • You have at least 2 years of experience in a marketing, communications, writing, or event management role, doing any or all of the responsibilities listed above.
  • Ideally, you live and are able to work in Reno or San Diego; however, for the right person, location doesn’t matter (as long as you’re prepared to work remotely).
  • You love writing. You’re great with words, you believe in content marketing, you can get a point across in a sucinct and concise manner, you can adapt to write for different audiences, and you genuinely enjoy it.
  • You possess unparalleled attention to detail, especially while multitasking — you will be doing a lot of things at the same time, and you need to be able to flawlessly execute each one of them.
  • You show a proven ability to multitask — see above — and be a team player. You will be working with the product, design, and sales teams in Australia, New Zealand, and the US.
  • You not only understand social media, you live and breathe it.
  • You love working with technology. We use an unusually large number of apps and tools to get our work done. Some you’ll know, others you won’t. You need to be a quick learner when it comes to tech — and enjoy it.
  • You have some experience with Salesforce and Pardot (or similar tools).
  • You might have a degree of some sort. If so, that's great, but it’s not essential. We aren’t looking for someone with theoretical skills; it’s your attitude that we care about most.
  • You are eager to learn and grow, hungry to make things happen, can accept feedback, enjoy a laugh, and are a good person.
  • You have initiative, a can-do attitude, and the ability to take ownership of responsibilities.
  • You are passionate about finding new ways to execute ideas in different channels — you need to understand and, most importantly, love marketing.

Why work at Karbon?

  • Opportunity to be part of building a global product
  • True ownership and autonomy over the work you do
  • Work with (and learn from) a very experienced team
  • Part of a startup team that will continue to grow around you
  • Flexible approach to work hours and environment (we believe in trust and autonomy—we’re not going to monitor when or where you work)
  • A culture of open communication, consistent feedback, and full transparency into company results, metrics, and financial position

Applying for this job

To apply for this job, email your resume and a cover letter that, in less than 500 words, tells us why you want to work with us, why you are the right candidate for this job, and one B2B company that you think is doing a great job at marketing today and why (if you don’t include an answer to the last question, you won’t be considered for this position. Bonus points if you identify the typo in this job description.)

Please email your application to with “Marketing Coordinator application” as the subject line.